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Shackelford Construction Residential

Single Family Residential

Building a custom home is one of the most exciting decisions you may make in your life. Shackelford Construction will help you through this process to create your perfect home with value, elegance, and durability.

Shackelford Construction Maintenance-Free Residential

Maintenance-Free Residential

Looking for hassle-free living? How about an opportunity to downsize and simplify? Shackelford Construction is a leader in patio and townhome development in Wichita.

Shackelford Construction Remodel


Does your kitchen or bath need updating so you can sell your home and proceed with your dream custom home? We can help coordinate your next project at an affordable cost.

Shackelford Construction Commercial Projects


Shackelford Construction has experience with commercial projects and would be happy to discuss your next building project.

Shackelford Construction Special Projects

Specialty Projects

Investment properties, turnkey development services, rehabilitation projects. We can help navigate the development and redevelopment maze to deliver valuable investment properties and projects.

Shackelford Construction Rental


Need a quality and safe place to stay? We offer rental accommodations for many family sizes.


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